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As you climb the ranks of leadership, remember that your actions are now in the spotlight, visible to all like a broadcast on a jumbotron. The higher you go, the wider the audience becomes. Inevitably, mistakes will happen. With the multitude of decisions you make each week, there’s a likelihood of disappointing or upsetting someone. What truly matters is the overall trajectory of your decisions over time – aiming for more positive outcomes than negative ones.

Avoid fixating on isolated decisions or how others react. Such fixation can erode your confidence and lead to poor choices due to excessive caution and fear of criticism. If you’re seeking fairness at every turn, leadership might not be the right fit. The reality is that leaders shoulder a disproportional share of the blame when things go awry. Mistakes draw increased scrutiny from the broader organization.

Keep in mind that as people are further removed from a situation, their understanding diminishes. Speculation, projection of personal pain, and inventing motives to fill gaps become common. Despite the noise, stay focused. Direct your attention towards finding solutions, assisting those affected, and extracting lessons from the experience. The commotion might sting, but your energy is better spent on constructive actions and growth.

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