Our child’s birthday is celebrated once in 4 years

In an interview with an Ethiopian married couple, they shared the remarkable journey behind the establishment of the Fendika Cultural Center. Their motivation stemmed from a profound concern that Ethiopia’s rich cultural dances and indigenous art forms were at risk of fading away due to insufficient support and recognition.

They couldn’t bear the idea of losing these invaluable pieces of their heritage to future generations. As a result, they made it their life’s mission to draw global attention to Ethiopia’s vibrant indigenous arts and cultures.

The Cultural Center stands as a dynamic hub dedicated to preserving and showcasing the diverse cultural traditions of Ethiopia. It goes beyond mere entertainment, serving as a catalyst for promoting Ethiopian culture in various ways. Their ultimate goal is to spark a renaissance of appreciation for their heritage through a range of initiatives and programs.

One of the key contributions of the center to cultural promotion is providing a platform for artists and performers to display their talent. They actively support and nurture indigenous artists, allowing them to express their creativity and share their unique art forms with the world. This not only fosters artistic growth but also acts as a potent means of preserving their culture.

Furthermore, the center serves as an educational resource, offering workshops, classes, and cultural exchange programs. These initiatives facilitate a profound understanding and respect for Ethiopian culture, both among local communities and international visitors.

Through these interactions, they bridge cultural gaps, foster meaningful dialogues, and promote cross-cultural appreciation. The couple also emphasized their collaborations with international artists, researchers, and organizations. These partnerships enable them to showcase the richness of Ethiopian culture on a global stage, breaking down stereotypes and advocating for cultural diversity. Through collaborative projects, exhibitions, and performances, they aim to create a global dialogue that transcends borders and nurtures a deeper appreciation for their cultural heritage.

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