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The Ethiopian Drug Provider Service has introduced a digitalized system for the distribution of medicines in government hospitals, health centers, and Kenema pharmacies.

Solomon Ngusi, the director general of the service, highlighted that despite ongoing efforts to purchase, store, and distribute medicines both domestically and internationally, occasional shortages still occur while the medicines are in storage.

To address this challenge sustainably, the implementation of digitalized drug procurement has significantly contributed to reducing drug shortages and improving access to medicines.

He pointed out that in the past, the manual process of purchasing and distributing medicines could take up to 200 days, but with the new digitized approach, these tasks are now accomplished within a few days.

Consequently, a digital platform has been established to interconnect all government hospitals, health centers, and Kenema pharmacies, along with the Ethiopian Drug Provider Service, facilitating streamlined drug procurement and distribution.

Ngusi emphasized that the efforts initiated to enhance technology-driven medicine stocking and distribution will be ongoing. He also highlighted the ongoing strengthening of a modern information system, which will involve participation from various partners.

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