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Meseret Meberate, an Ethiopian superstar, wears a lovely traditional robe

Ethiopian artists in traditional Ethiopian clothing. It’s a difficult endeavor to categorize Ethiopia’s national costume into a single, immediately recognized type. Of course, there are the well-known snow-white garments that have become synonymous with Ethiopian national identity, but this is only the beginning.

Within Ethiopia’s boundaries, each tribe or ethnic group has its own styles and variants. Ethiopia is a big nation with diverse geography and climate. This, in and of itself, is a reason for the disparities in clothing across the country’s many ethnic groups. People in the lowlands, for example, prefer lighter-weight clothes owing to the heat, whilst those in the highlands prefer heavier apparel due to the colder temperature.

Because of its extensive use and acceptability, the all-white clothing can be regarded as Ethiopia’s national costume, yet there are other remarkable variants. The ladies of Harar, for example, dress in purple, crimson, and black gowns, whilst the Oromo peoples of Bale prefer leather clothes, and the Afaris favor vividly colored cotton wraps.

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