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Mahder Asefa, the actress, has returned

A ceremony is an event at which awards are delivered. The event might be hosted by a government agency, an organization, a school, a trade association, or even a corporation that specialized in award ceremonies. A master of ceremonies usually presents award recipients, speaks to the audience, entertains them, and keeps the event moving. Annual tragedies and comedies were conducted in Ancient Greece, with the sponsorship of the wealthy residents. The finest play, the best production, and the best acting all received awards. Initially, the Olympics had two award ceremonies. The judges gave palm branches to the victors of each competition. The champions of each competition were revealed and crowned with olive wreaths on the last day of the games. Because the runners-up were thought inconsequential, no medals were given out, and only the winner was declared. Athletes would often risk hefty fines and pay judges to be crowned winners. The main American media awards have developed from humble origins into prime-time televised spectacles. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosted its inaugural awards ceremony at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in 1929, three months after the winners were announced. The Oscar statuettes for best film, best actress, and best actor were awarded in a 15-minute ceremony. Eight journalists from the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association launched the Golden Globe Awards in 1944. They planned to honor the best film, actress, and actor with awards.

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