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A remarkable milestone was achieved in the world of Ethiopian coffee as one kilogram of this prized commodity fetched an astounding sum exceeding 47,000 Birr, setting a new record. This remarkable feat unfolded during the 2022 Cup of Excellence competition, where a kilogram of Ethiopian coffee was successfully auctioned for a staggering 47,236 Birr and 23 cents, equivalent to 884.10 US dollars.

Emerging as the top-rated coffee in terms of quality in the Cup of Excellence coffee tasting competition held in Ethiopia for the third consecutive time, this exceptional coffee commanded the highest price in a global online auction that concluded recently. The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority hailed this achievement as nothing short of astonishing, marking an unprecedented valuation for a kilogram of Ethiopian coffee.

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority extended its heartfelt appreciation to all the dedicated individuals and entities whose unwavering commitment contributed to this historic victory. This gratitude was directed towards the coffee farmers across the nation, the members of the steering committee, the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, the Cup of Excellence 2022 project team, as well as various governmental and non-governmental institutions, international organizations, universities, and research institutions who played a pivotal role in this remarkable accomplishment.

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