Interview with Ustaz Abubeker Hussien

In an interview with Tadias Addis, Ustaz Abubeker Hussien, Henok, the artist behind the “Pen City” exhibition, shared his heartfelt reflections on the evening of the exhibition’s unveiling. Surrounded by loved ones, Henok was deeply moved by their presence. He spoke of his initial hesitation, which was replaced by a profound sense of gratitude for their unwavering support throughout his artistic journey. Their pride in his accomplishments warmed his heart, and he acknowledged that their encouragement had played a pivotal role in his success as an artist.

Inspired by the impact of “Pen City,” Henok felt a compelling need to expand upon the concept. He embarked on the task of adapting the exhibition’s thought-provoking themes and narrative panels into a format that could reach a broader audience: a comic book.

Months of dedicated work followed as Henok delved into crafting this visual narrative. His goal was to distill the essence of the exhibition into a cohesive graphic novel, one that could continue amplifying the voices and experiences of those marginalized by history.

As the comic book gradually took shape, Henok eagerly shared the transformative process it had undergone. He explained how adapting “Pen City” into this new medium allowed him to refine his ideas and elicit the same sense of awareness through a different artistic lens.

The exhibition had already demonstrated the value of using art as a means to advocate for reclaiming narratives. With this comic, Henok aimed to further ignite important dialogues and ensure that the stories of marginalized individuals remained in the spotlight.

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