Interview with Lawyer Ayalew Bitane

Interview with Lawyer Ayalew Bitane: A Bold Move That Sparked Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, Lawyer Ayalew Bitane found herself at the center of a storm of controversy after a daring action on TikTok. Her decision to hand a woman over to the police in order to help her escape from Debo’s sentence sparked outrage among many. This incident has shed light on the complex intertwining of legal and social issues in modern Ethiopia.

Before the incident, Ayalew Bitane seemed to be leading a charmed life with her husband. The couple, both in their thirties, enjoyed success – he as a highly paid accountant and she as the owner of a thriving cosmetic shop in the upscale Bole area. Their spacious villa and multiple cars symbolized their prosperity. It was as if they held the secret to wealth, effortlessly invoking “Open Sesame!” to make their riches pour in. However, their trajectory took an unexpected turn with the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery.

The announcement of their participation in the DV lottery raised eyebrows. Their circle of acquaintances didn’t take it seriously, considering it more of a humorous anecdote to share over drinks than a real decision. After all, why would a young, accomplished couple like them risk everything they had achieved for a lottery? Friends and family attempted to dissuade them, but their determination remained unshaken.

Against all advice, they liquidated their possessions down to the last utensil and embraced the prospect of a one-way journey. “We’re never coming back to this country,” they declared resolutely.

Thus, they bid farewell and embarked on their new adventure. For a while, it seemed like the story had concluded. But was it truly the end? A mere year and a half later, the couple unexpectedly reappeared in Addis Ababa. Their swift return prompted speculation about the reasons behind their abrupt change of plans.

Ayalew Bitane, now in the spotlight, has left the public both perplexed and intrigued. This turn of events has ignited a debate about the complexities of diaspora, legal systems, and the personal choices that shape our lives. As the dust settles, it remains to be seen how this bold move will impact both Ayalew Bitane’s career and the larger discourse surrounding immigration, responsibility, and justice.

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