Interview with Gutu Abera

Gutu Abera, an Ethiopian musician, has been garnering attention in the African music scene with his exceptional talent for blending traditional Oromiffa music with contemporary jazz elements. His soulful and captivating performances have captivated audiences and propelled him to new heights in his career. Recently, Gutu achieved a significant milestone by winning the coveted “Best African Jazz Group of the Year” award at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) for his remarkable song titled “DEEMI.”

Gutu Abera’s musical prowess lies in his ability to fearlessly experiment and push the boundaries of music. He seamlessly combines the richness of traditional Oromiffa melodies with the modern and vibrant sounds of jazz. His triumph at AFRIMA serves as a testament to his unique talents and creative genius, while also showcasing the diverse musical landscape of Ethiopia and its potential to captivate global audiences.

In his gratitude, Gutu has acknowledged the individuals who played pivotal roles in bringing his song to life. Composer and producer Mira Thiruchelvam, videographer Lencho Fikru Kenea, and mixer Kato Ådland have all received his heartfelt appreciation. Furthermore, Gutu has expressed his enthusiasm for future collaborations with Thiruchelvam, as they aim to continuously push musical boundaries and embark on new artistic ventures together.

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