Interview with artist Hanna Girma

A Captivating Conversation with Artist Hanna Girma

Atlaw Alemu, an esteemed economics professor at Addis Ababa University, has voiced concerns about the prevalent use of AI technologies among university students. According to Atlaw, many students employ AI tools to complete their assignments, research papers, and even resort to cheating during examinations.

Intriguingly, Atlaw shared that occasionally, their testing programs generate results that appear to originate from artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Selam Ketema, a dedicated student at Unity University currently working on her final graduation project, acknowledges the substantial assistance AI has provided throughout her college journey.

Selam enthusiastically elaborated on her AI arsenal, which includes tools capable of converting images into text, engaging in conversations with an AI entity named GPT, and employing another tool called Quillbot. She firmly believes that these AI tools have significantly contributed to her academic success, particularly in tasks involving complex equations.

For Selam, AI has revolutionized her academic experience, making it more manageable and efficient. On the contrary, Atlaw contends that the widespread reliance on AI discourages students from investing genuine effort in their studies, as they can achieve better grades with minimal exertion. This, in turn, undermines the essence of the teaching and learning process.

Nonetheless, Atlaw suggests that if students were adept at utilizing AI correctly, it could prove to be more advantageous than detrimental. He posits that individuals can glean valuable insights by comparing the AI-generated content with their own work, potentially fostering creativity and inspiration.

In the broader context, artificial intelligence has the potential to usher in transformative improvements in healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. Concerns persist about its impact on our cognitive abilities, but when harnessed judiciously, AI can enhance productivity, facilitate complex problem-solving, and enhance overall quality of life.

While apprehensions about over-reliance on AI leading to diminished creativity and critical thinking abilities abound, it’s essential to note that children in rural areas face distinct challenges in accessing and excelling in education compared to their urban counterparts.

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