In Haramaya, a mother gave birth to 4 twins safely

In Haromaya, a remarkable event unfolded as a mother safely delivered four twins. Mrs. Maria Muhammad Mume, a resident of Sharif Khalid district, welcomed her four children into the world at Haramaya Hospital this morning. Among this quartet of newborns, two are boys, and two are girls.

Dr. Selemon Tamrat, the medical director of the hospital, confirmed that the mother underwent surgery to ensure the safe arrival of all four children. The delicate task of caring for children can at times seem exhausting. Balancing the responsibilities of family life with self-care is crucial to fully savor the daily wonders of a growing childhood, the bonds of family, and the enduring legacy that we are privileged to pass on to our children.

Thankfully, in moments when life feels overwhelming, we can turn to the wisdom found in God’s word. It serves as a steady anchor, reminding us of what truly matters in our lives. It directs our attention to the beauty that surrounds us, with our children being among the most precious gifts life bestows upon us.

In my own experience as a parent, I recently realized that the enchantment of my own children’s early years had become obscured. I found myself hurrying through the day, one task after another, burdened by responsibilities and constant worries. The demanding nature of child-rearing can indeed be draining, but it is essential to strike a balance between caring for our families and tending to our own well-being to avoid missing the daily wonders of our children’s journey through childhood. In the chaos of daily life, we should remember that the beauty of our children’s growth is a gift to be cherished.

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