I used to hide her and bring her to my dorm

We recently embarked on a five-hour journey to move our daughter into her university dorm for the very first time. The process of moving a college-bound kid into a dormitory is a significant rite of passage, and it’s a moment filled with a myriad of emotions. This transition is not only practical but also deeply emotional, and careful planning and preparation are key.

Before diving into the preparations for this big day, I sought advice from seasoned parents who had been through this experience before. Their wisdom and insights were invaluable, and I’ve compiled a list of recommendations from these experienced parents to share in this blog article. I hope these tips can provide guidance and support to other parents who may be facing the often overwhelming task of transitioning their child to college.

Prepare yourself for this exhilarating, challenging, hot, chaotic, and emotional day as you send your child off to college.

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