I met my wife at my birthday party

I recently had a captivating interview with the talented artist, Henok Berihun. During our discussion, he shared the intriguing story of how he met his wife at his own birthday celebration. What makes this story even more fascinating is that his wife is a member of EBS.

Henok’s illustrious career boasts over ten noteworthy appearances in Amharic plays, including renowned titles like “Hindeke,” “Abeto Iyasu,” and “Abdisa Aga,” among others. Furthermore, he has showcased his acting prowess in numerous Amharic TV shows such as “The Homework,” “The Bequest,” “The Dreams,” and “The Ladies.” Our conversation provided valuable insights into his impressive journey through the world of the arts.

Henok’s artistic endeavors extend beyond Ethiopia, as he has ventured into international cinema, featuring in movies like “Sweetness in the Belly” and “Mandela’s Gun.” His passion for acting was ignited during his high school years at Emperor Minelik II Secondary School when he joined the school’s Drama and Literature Club. After completing high school, Henok continued his academic pursuits, spending a year honing his acting skills at the Holy Land Arts Academy. Subsequently, he enrolled at Addis Ababa University, specializing in Theater, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. His commitment to education persisted, leading him to attain a Master of Arts degree in Film Production.

Henok’s directorial talents are also noteworthy, as evidenced by his film “Rahel’s Way,” a substantial project that showcases his cinematic abilities. In 2022, he received recognition for a short film about Addis, further highlighting his prowess in filmmaking. Presently, Henok is actively involved in the theater scene, portraying the character of Happy, the younger son in the play “Death of a Salesman.”

Throughout our conversation, Henok emphasized the importance of consistent effort in the early stages of one’s career. He stressed the need for daily dedication and planning, emphasizing that setting aside at least one hour each day to work on your business is crucial. According to Henok, any day in which you take a step forward in your career is a good day.

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