I don’t want fame to take away my freedom – Yonas Assefa

Yonas Assefa, the renowned actor, shared his thoughts in an engaging interview, emphasizing his desire to safeguard his personal freedom amidst the allure of fame. He also expressed confidence in Belgium’s potential to support Ethiopia in constitutional matters, given its significant expertise in the field.

Another noteworthy point of discussion centers around the concept of the social contract. Yonas Assefa mentioned an early meeting held at his Residence, involving Ethiopian Social Partners, representing both workers and employers in the country, as well as the International Labor Organization (ILO) Office in Ethiopia.

These social partners, he noted, play a vital role in Ethiopia, paralleling their significance in Belgian society. During these discussions, the prevailing issues and tensions in Ethiopia, often rooted in ethnic divisions, were addressed. Yonas highlighted that these conflicts tend to divide communities along group lines.

However, he also underlined the presence of other conflicts, such as social ones, which could be ameliorated through social dialogue. Engaging in such dialogues, he posited, had the potential to unite society, foster cohesion, and enhance community well-being.

Yonas Assefa pointed out that Belgium’s history has its own narrative of a social contract between the populace and the elite. He suggested that Ethiopia might find inspiration in this historical example.

Moreover, Yonas had a productive conversation with the Ministry of Social Affairs, a key figure in the realm of social contracts, during which the possibility of organizing a seminar with Belgian experts for collaboration was explored. This dialogue focused on not only providing aid but also sharing expertise, recognizing the lasting impact it could have on people’s lives.

He stressed the importance of establishing a regular, structured political dialogue encompassing various topics with the Ethiopian government. Yonas noted that their outreach to the government had been met with a clear interest, underscoring the robust partnership between the EU and Ethiopia. He expressed eagerness for the upcoming strong dialogue.

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