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How to shed pounds off your arms, thighs, and stomach

It’s difficult to get rid of stubborn body fat, especially if it’s concentrated in one location. Because arms are frequently considered a problem region, many people are seeking strategies to eliminate extra arm fat. There are various choices for slimming and toning your arms, fortunately. Spot reduction is a weight-loss treatment that targets a single body part, such as the arms.
Despite its widespread use in the fitness sector, most studies have shown it to be useless. A 12-week resistance training program utilizing only the non-dominant arm enhanced total fat reduction but had no effect on the specific area being treated, according to one research of 104 persons. Another 12-week trial discovered that resistance training focused on one leg lowered overall body fat but not in the trained leg.
As a consequence, rather than concentrating on fat loss, it’s better to concentrate on general weight loss and muscle toning through exercise. Resistance training is an activity that involves working against a force in order to increase muscle growth and strength. An excellent example is weight lifting. While it may not induce a significant fat reduction in your arms, it can help you lose weight and tone them, making them seem leaner. A 12-week trial of 28 women with type 2 diabetes found that doing low-intensity resistance exercise boosted overall fat reduction as well as muscle growth and strength. A study of 109 adults found that weight training, either alone or in combination with aerobic activity, increased lean body mass more efficiently than aerobic exercise alone. Increasing lean body mass can help boost metabolism and the number of calories expended when at rest throughout the day.

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