Funny EBS TV crew released a single music video

On Sunday afternoons, EBS presents an engaging infotainment program hosted by the dynamic team of Asfaw Meshesha, Mekdes Debesay, Lula Gezu, Kalkidan Girma, Liya Samuel, and Tinsae Berhane. This three-hour magazine-format show is designed to captivate viewers, keeping them glued to their screens with a diverse range of segments.

The program kicks off with small updates on the talk of the town, ensuring viewers are in the loop with the latest happenings. The topical discussion segment delves into various stories, offering insightful perspectives and fostering meaningful conversations.

Guest appearances add an extra layer of excitement to the show, bringing in a variety of personalities to share their experiences and perspectives. The Wello segment explores intriguing aspects of culture and tradition, providing a window into the rich heritage of the region.

Live music performances add a musical flair to the program, featuring talented artists and creating a vibrant atmosphere. The cooking segment satisfies both the eyes and taste buds, as the hosts explore delicious recipes and culinary delights.

With its multifaceted approach, the EBS infotainment program on Sunday afternoons promises a delightful blend of information and entertainment. Whether you’re into current affairs, cultural exploration, live music, or culinary adventures, this show has something for everyone, making it a must-watch for viewers seeking a diverse and engaging television experience.

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