Ethiopian superstar bought a 43 million birr car

In “Streets of Addis,” Berta’s imagery captures the authentic narrative of Addis Ababa: its charm, its flaws, its bustling activity, all devoid of the usual gloss intended for tourists. This series elevates the ordinary, transforming moments that even locals have grown accustomed to into works of art.

In the project’s inception, Berta utilized his iPhone to capture these scenes, often opting to present them without captions. This deliberate choice encouraged viewers to concoct their own narratives about the urban inspirations depicted within each frame. For those familiar with Addis Ababa, the images evoke personal recollections, while those unacquainted with the city conjure their own stories.

Berta employs a range of techniques to weave his visual tales, encompassing vibrant hues, street-level grit, and monochromatic compositions. His distinct approach often involves isolating figures of the working class on the streets, creating compelling visual vignettes that convey their stories. The end result is a collection that transcends mere photography, forming a mosaic of the city’s essence through its people and moments.

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