Ethio Mezenaga this week’s episode – Street Interview

The small yet remarkable group I was accompanied by, comprising a knowledgeable guide, a skilled cook, and a dedicated driver, truly exceeded all expectations in ensuring an unforgettable experience for us. As my friends graciously allowed me to finally take a seat, our conversation naturally drifted towards my captured memories in the form of photographs. This dialogue brought to mind my previous article titled “Journeying to Ethiopia,” where I delved into the prevalent misconception held by many in the UK. This misbelief painted Ethiopia as an arid desert devoid of growth, rain, or rivers. Notably, this fallacy even found its way into the lyrics of the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” released back in 1984 to aid those affected by the Ethiopian famine.

Once again, I felt a strong sense of responsibility to dispel this erroneous notion, given the awe-inspiring beauty I encountered during my travels. The landscapes I beheld were nothing short of breathtaking. From the undulating hills near Addis, the majestic mountains of Lalibela, and the otherworldly vistas surrounding Erta Ale’s volcanic landscapes, to the vibrant and surreal panorama of the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia presented an unparalleled tapestry of diversity.

Never before had I witnessed such an array of captivating terrains within a single country. The vivid photographs depicting the sulfur lakes sparked genuine astonishment, prompting queries about the authenticity of the astounding colors they showcased. Some even likened these scenes to the delightful visual appeal of a fluffy dessert known as meringue.

The rock-hewn churches in Lalibela elicited profound wonder among my companions, their architectural marvels leaving an indelible impression. Equally captivating were the enchanting views of verdant fields and valleys that unfolded before our eyes. Who could have known that Ethiopia held such mesmerizing wonders? Now, this truth stands universally acknowledged.

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