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Tomatoes contain beneficial elements like antioxidants and Vitamin C that can contribute to skin hydration and health. Dealing with cracked skin and heels can be bothersome, but a simple home remedy involving just two ingredients could offer a potential solution.

To begin, slice a tomato in half and use a spoon to extract the contents from one side, ensuring that the seeds and juice are collected on a plate. Then, place a small amount of toothpaste onto the same plate, combining it with the tomato seeds and juice. Incorporate a bit of tomato juice from the remaining half to create a mixture.

Proceed by using the second half of the tomato as an applicator. Dip it into the blended mixture of tomato and toothpaste, then gently massage the concoction onto the rough skin or heels using circular motions. This budget-friendly homemade remedy appears promising due to the logical combination of its components. If considering trying this approach, rest assured that it requires only around 30 minutes of your time. Allow the mixture to remain on the heels for a brief period before rinsing it off and gently exfoliating the treated areas.

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