Artist Biserat Gemechu daughter graduated

A study conducted by the Addis Media Organization in specific areas revealed that the noise levels from nightclubs, which should ideally be at 45 decibels, are exceeding 90 decibels.

The Standing Advisory Committee on Development and Environmental Security from the Addis Ababa City Chamber visited the nightclubs to assess the noise pollution damage. Mrs. Niametullah Kebede, the chairperson of the standing committee, expressed concerns about the disturbance caused by the loud noise emanating from these nightclubs to the local residents. The Addis Ababa City Environmental Security Authority Office also emphasized the need to control this pollution by implementing the provided guidelines and procedures. According to Ato Mulukun Jonas, the Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Authority in Addis Ababa, 36 nightclubs underwent extensive noise monitoring and control measures.

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