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A supportive supervisory initiative is currently in progress, aimed at assessing the performance of government institutions during the first quarter of the 2015 fiscal year.

In line with this effort, a supervision team comprising advisors to the Mayor of Dredawa administration and leaders from the Dredawa administration’s Public Service and Human Resources Development Office undertook a review of the Dredawa government’s Communication Affairs Office today.

The primary objective of this supervisory process is to assess the execution of the planning phase for the 2015 fiscal year within these institutions. It also seeks to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses observed during the initial quarter of implementation. The supervisory team’s mission is to extend the necessary support and monitoring to assist the institution in its implementation efforts.

According to the supervisory team, the institution has demonstrated commendable progress in its preparatory activities, ensuring that the planned initiatives for the fiscal year stay on track and are completed as scheduled. They emphasized the importance of maintaining this momentum, urging the institution to continue performing at the same pace it started with.

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