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Amanuel Habtamu and his beautiful family

Amanuel Habtamu is a renowned Ethiopian artist known for his outstanding performances in numerous movies. His talent has left a lasting mark in the industry, making him one of the most admired characters. Some of his notable movies include “Ensaro,” “Sike lmut,” “Felashaw,” “Lik negn,” and many others.

In other news:

On June 22, 2014, the Ministry of Water and Energy made an announcement regarding the receipt of data collection equipment worth 7 million birr from Royal Igel Camp. These devices have the capability to collect and transmit various types of data independently, including river flow, groundwater level, soil moisture, water quality, and meteorological data, to a central data center.

Norbert Peter ተወ, a representative from the Royal Igel Campus, personally delivered 18 of these advanced equipment units and expressed their interest in collaborating with the Ministry of Water and Energy on important projects related to water and energy management.

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