A Baby Shower where Sayat, Amleset, Danawit attended

The concept of what one enjoys about dance can be truly captivating. From my perspective, dance and music are inseparable partners. A source of inspiration, whether psychological or physical, seems essential to give rise to the art of dance.

As for Dishta Gina Adam and his brother, winning favor is not solely determined by their relationship. It’s worth clarifying that Professor Gebre Intiso, who held the position of president at Jinka University, is not the author of the story in question. Additionally, if you haven’t heard the speech accompanied by the song, you’re missing out on a significant experience.

Now, shifting to country music, the composition credit goes to Alex, a remarkably talented musician. The melody was entrusted to a messenger, who then made an exit into the courtyard. It’s important to note that we never saw ourselves as an unnecessary hindrance when it came to gaining prominence.

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