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How to re-energize a tired face

Zemenawit shows you how to make your face and skin sparkle in 15 minutes. A highlighter is the simplest way to achieve a sunkissed hue. Apply a small amount of highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones. You can also add some to the middle of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the V on top of your lips, and the center of your chin if you choose.

If you want, you can use a shimmering powder highlighter instead of a cream highlighter for a more natural look. Tap a cream highlighter onto your skin with your fingertips if you’re using one. If you’re using powder, softly apply the highlighter over your skin with a fan brush wherever you want a shine. Cream blush is a terrific method to give your cheeks a little color while still looking natural and bright. Simply run your finger across the top of the pot, then tap the color where you want it to blend in until it’s completely blended in.

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