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How to repair damaged front and back hair in a short period of time

Split ends aren’t the only sign of hair degradation. Cracks appear in the outer layer of badly damaged hair (cuticle). Your hair is more vulnerable to damage and breaking after the cuticle increases (opens). It could also be tough to manage and have a dull or frizzy appearance. Is it feasible to transform brittle, dry hair into silky tresses? Not all of the solutions are self-evident. Because hair is made up of dead cells that cannot be regenerated, the majority of hair damage is permanent. A pair of shears and the passage of time are the only effective treatments. The outside cuticle of your hair might be damaged, but it can be healed with good care and a few targeted treatments. It’s easy to see how you ended up with damaged hair in certain situations. Your hair may be damaged if you use color, bleach, or styling treatments incorrectly. Here are some recommendations for keeping the damaged hair from getting worse until you can trim it. It’s possible that you’ll have to “double-dip” to meet all of your requirements. Whether you’re going for a mermaid or pastel look, or just trying to conceal a few grays, home hair dyeing might have long-term consequences. Chemical colors reduce your hair’s natural moisture, making it appear dry and brittle. Pre-dye bleaching may be necessary if your hair was naturally light, to begin with (for further information, see “It’s from bleach” below).

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