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However, there is a difference between a life led by characteristics and one driven by unease. Your qualities and your core beliefs about how to help others as an adult show up in a life that is driven by those qualities. You treat others as you would like to be treated because you are considerate and aware that we are fighting in this tiny corner of the vast universe. You act this way because it is part of your life plan, not because you “ought to” or because you will regret it in any case.

However, in addition to this, you have the ability to refuse, deal with both yourself and other people, and be assertive and legitimate without being harsh or harmful. However much it may be expected, life is about mutual benefit.

However, living a stressful life makes being good a strategy for anxiety management. You learned how to adopt the “nice” stance of “I’m blissful on the off chance that you’re happy,” which means “I do whatever that I want to do to avoid getting you upset since you being disturbed makes me restless,” as a strategy for avoiding struggle and conflict that you can’t tolerate. In this situation, you must speak honestly and forcefully, as you fear the outcome. You cannot refuse or yell out. It’s more about providing you with a mental shield to protect you from what is, by all accounts, a scary world than it is about how to treat others fairly.

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