A woman from Ethiopia gave $1 million to help build a monastery in the United States

On the mother’s behalf, Mensur Jemal The American monastery was funded by a $1 million donation from an Ethiopian woman. Tigist Belay Ferede, who was born and raised in Bahir Dar, contributed $1 million to the construction of the Orthodox Tewahedo Monastery in Los Angeles.

Tigist Belay also helped start building the monastery. In one night, the comedian Eshetu raised more than a million dollars for the project. Tigist is the CEO of a private company in Lausanne, and both her family and her career have flourished.

She continued the good deed she inherited from her family and donated $1 million to the monastery’s construction because she was raised by a well-known and wealthy family. In the past, Tigist has generously supported the purchase of a tannery removal machine. She constructed the famed Kibran Gabriel monastery in Tana and gave it to the priests.

She works hard, but she also has kindness and compassion. She is our sister and a devoted supporter of Ethiopia and her people.

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