I spent a lot of money to be called “Arada.”

The married Ethiopian couple’s life experiences. I spent a lot of money to be called “Arada.” I spent a lot of time training in Kenya in the 1990s as an athlete. At first, I was torn between choosing Kenya or Ethiopia, but I chose the former because at the time, westerners preferred visiting Kenya because there was no language barrier. Similar to that, Kenya had a long history of drawing tourists from all over the world to its tourist destinations.

My wife, a trained doctor with interests in global health and tropical medicine, was eager to move to Africa when I finished my career as an athlete. Even though we had previously visited Kenya and other nations, we made the decision to travel to Ethiopia. The Black Lion Medical School, where my wife later worked and taught at the Department of Community Health, also made her a job offer.

I knew athletes like Haile, Assefa, Million, and many others with whom I had previously competed, of course, even before we arrived here. We have been in this country ever since because of the unique feeling that makes you feel at home and wants you to stay.

40,000 participants are anticipated this year, which is significantly more than in previous years. Since a decade ago, the figures have been increasing yearly. We had a 45,000 attendance record-breaking turnout three years ago.

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