I wheeled myself to Katla Mariam and walked back

I used to travel to Katla Mariam in a wheelchair and return on foot, sleeping on the ashes like a donkey. Yes. The objectives, in my opinion, have been met and even surpassed. The 10k and the women’s run, in particular, are very special. When we first started, I could not have predicted the size of the two races compared to how it is now.

And I must admit that it is not my fault that they have evolved into this type of event. It has something to do with my colleagues, who have elevated them above simple running competitions. Additionally, it has something to do with the participants.

At first, there were two objectives. The first was to hold a competition that was representative of how Ethiopian athletes were recording results on the international stage, and the second was to create a company that would work on the competition to ensure continuity of work.

We have been organizing an international race for the past 20 years, and it is now well-known throughout the world. Also, the group has kept its strength over the last 20 years, which is a good thing. The first thing I should probably mention is that I have taken part in numerous races all over the world, mostly as an elite athlete because I was active in international competition in my 20s and 30s.

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