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How to avoid the scent when making Ethiopian hair butter

Traditional natural Ethiopian hair butter is a top-quality product for treating the hair and scalp. This handcrafted natural hair care product is called “hair butter.” This hair butter contains fresh milk as one of its ingredients; hence, it cannot be sold in stores alongside conventional hair care products. This beneficial Ethiopian hair butter treatment has been used for generations by Ethiopians. It is the main African hair care product used in Ethiopia and has been handed down from generation to generation. The shea butter from Ethiopia is nutritious. It has vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support healthy hair growth, strong hair, and a healthy scalp. Ethiopians use natural Ethiopian hair butter to give their hair and scalp a lot of care. Ethiopian hair butter also encourages hair that is silky, lustrous, healthy, and attractive-looking. Depending on their income, some Ethiopians in Ethiopia use this hair butter product as frequently as once per week, while others use it every other week. The milk used to make traditional Ethiopian hair butter has been pasteurized. Freshly produced and frozen in an airtight package, the hair butter will be Delivery will take three days or less and will be made via priority mail. The hair butter can be thawed when you get there.

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