Ethiopian traditional wedding between Tigist and Engineer Melaku

Marriage is a social institution that is widely used in society. Wedding rituals differ depending on the culture of the society. Ethiopian Orthodox churches follow the tradition of church marriage, or sireate teklil. During the wedding ceremony, every action and ritual has a specific meaning and a symbolic meaning. Prior to the wedding, duties include teaching the couple expectations and looking at family trees. Sending elders to the bride’s family is the next stage. The wedding day can be chosen, and the ceremony can start once the bride’s family has given their blessing. In the course of human existence, positions are regularly changed. Rituals are performed while things are changing. The rite of passage is one of these rituals. This traditional event commemorates a person’s ascension through the social levels. Marriage is one of life’s rites of passage. The definition of marriage is “a relationship between a man and a woman such that the children born to the woman are acknowledged as legitimate offspring of both parents.” The belief is that marriage was instituted with God’s blessing during creation and is a mystery or sacrament. There is no one with enough influence to provide a foundation for defining marriage, and these rights vary from culture to culture. He claimed that the Orthodox Church sees marriage as a spiritual journey in which couples seek God and the meaning of oneness and love. There are many wedding rites that are followed when two people are married. Due to the variety of forms, this essay concentrates on religious marriages that take place in Ethiopian Orthodox churches.

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