Our mother was unable to speak

Since Dawit vanished a week ago, the family has been concerned. Due to the death of her son, our mother was unable to speak. The State Emergency Service (SES) can only undertake searches for missing people with permission from the police, and police will often only conduct a search if they think your loved one’s absence is suspicious. You might want to think about doing your own research. Make an effort to contact reliable and fit friends, family, and neighbors (e.g., Lions, Rotary, bushwalking clubs, etc.). Use your own judgment to figure out what is and isn’t appropriate, since every situation is different.

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The following procedures must be followed in order to organize a search: Before conducting a search on anyone’s property, obtain the landowner’s consent. Make sure there isn’t currently an active search being conducted there by calling the local law enforcement.

Before any volunteers start the search, note their names and contact information. Children under the age of 18 should not participate; keep in mind that, under any circumstance, you might find the missing individual. Create small groups of 8–12 persons per area, and instruct them to take photos of anything they believe may be significant rather than touch anything that could be proof. Based on the number of volunteers you have, develop a plan.

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