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How to get rid of bad odor

Neuroscientists estimate that although we don’t have names for many of them, humans can distinguish 10,000 different scents.

The olfactory sense, which includes our sense of smell, gives life depth and emotional richness. Consider the emotions and memories that come flooding back when you smell freshly cut grass or lilacs in bloom, bury your face in a sun-dried bed sheet that has just come off the line, or walk into the kitchen as an apple pie that is rich in cinnamon is coming out of the oven.

Our sense of smell also warns us of potential threats, such as spoiled food, rot and decay, and dangerous molds. Most American homes have a variety of sprays, plug-ins, stick-ons, scented candles, and other things that try to cover up or get rid of bad smells. The fragrances in some of these products, however, cause allergic reactions in a lot of people, and some air fresheners even contain toxins.

But vinegar, salt, coffee, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide are all inexpensive household items that you probably already have. They can be used to get rid of most bad smells in your home and car.

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