More so, my family adores her. I used to see him as a brother

Again, his response would reveal how serious he is about the connection and whether he is thinking long term. if he indicates that he plans to have a wife and kids in the future. This specific question is a great way to gauge his level of concern for kids. There is still a big gap between those who want children and those who are ready, even if both parties want kids. He is expressing true and sincere feelings if he says he would jump on board right away. However, there is cause for concern if he acknowledges that he is uncertain in some way. How else can you fully commit to something if you’re not sure of it? That response teaches you a lot. It’s not a particularly trick question, but he will still need to consider his answer before responding. This will make him pause and consider any comparisons he may have made to you to other women in the past. Some guys look for a specific quality in every woman they date or even just observe. Without directly asking him if there is anything specific about your body that he likes, this is an easy way to get him to tell you. This is a little tricky because he might bring up multiple issues because we all have flaws. He might also say nice things about your smile or sense of humor, which is always flattering. But if he starts listing your shortcomings, it’s probably time to do some soul-searching. Would you splurge all of your money on me? Positive feedback from your boyfriend indicates that he values you more than material possessions and other things.

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