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The truth about getting rid of grey hair

You’d be forgiven for missing one news story this year that gives us hope that we can turn those gray hairs back to their natural color without dye because there are so many that seem likely to give us gray hairs.

In the first published study to find evidence of “natural re-pigmentation,” researchers at Columbia University tried to figure out how hair turns gray with age and in response to stress. First, they discovered 323 proteins that can be used to determine whether a hair has ever been gray, white, or colored. The colored and gray hairs were cut off of the 14 people who said and rated how stressful their lives had been over the past year. You only need to take a look at the hair of former presidents who don’t dye it to see that there is a link between graying and high levels of stress.

We had no idea that the opposite might also be true—that de-stressing experiences could restore the color to those worn-out fibers. When the study compared the protein histories of the hairs, which grow at a pretty consistent one centimeter per month, with those of their owners, it discovered that some hairs that were normally colored had actually turned gray in the previous year but had returned to normal when life stress was low.

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