We rejoiced at having children after eight years without them

We shed tears of delight after eight years of being childless. Misrak, a married mother of four who previously relied on her Iddir mates, stated, “I can afford to pay for the services, but I will not be able to buy the emotional support I get from my Iddir friends.” Her Iddir also gave her 1,000 Br in addition to the supplies and help with the services at her house. The three days of customary mourning were spent at her home, and the Iddir was in charge of both the burial procession and everyone else who visited during that time.

Nevertheless, evolving socioeconomic conditions are giving funeral homes greater opportunities. Demis said that the need for these new services has grown a lot in the last seven years. He also said that the sector expected to grow even more because of the building of condos.

The initial Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) set a goal of providing 150,000 condominium homes, however, in the last four years, 157,070 have been erected or are currently being built. In the following five years, the second GTP aims to build 220,000 more homes.

On Sierra Leone Street, an undertaker who had recently done some shopping in Gotera commented, “The recent relocation program for condominium houses has helped us a lot.” The firm might also benefit from increased urbanization, which might result in 42 million people living in Ethiopia’s metropolitan areas by 2017.

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