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This sense of comedic timing is described by social scientists as having “humor creation skills.” Sincere praise is due for a number of additional benefits, such as financial success. According to the clown paradox, being funny is the only component of humor that does not appear to make people happier. In a study from 2010 that was published in the European Journal of Psychology, researchers asked people to come up with captions for cartoons and jokes about everyday things that made them angry. Reviewers from the outside didn’t find any link between humor and either happiness or pain. According to another study, comedians do better than the average population on tests that measure psychotic tendencies. Many of humor’s benefits stem from actual laughter, not just from making other people laugh. Additionally, even when humor is absent, laughing strengthens social bonds. In contrast, one study found that just 10% to 15% of laughing is brought on by something even remotely amusing. Most of the rest of the content is meant to make you feel something, like agreement or just happiness. If you pay attention to your regular exchanges today, you’ll comprehend this. The simplest bit of advice is to stay upbeat and humorous. In this column, I’ve talked about the guilt some people feel for being happy when there are so many valid reasons to be anxious. Some people think it’s improper to laugh when we’re worried about crises and injustice. This type of thinking is unsound, though, because negativity turns people away and damages your cause. There are, of course, times when humor is inappropriate; keep in mind that timing is everything. However, these instances are less common than you might think. I’ve experienced some of the best and funniest eulogies.

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