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I’m pleased you’re back, you miserable mother. Today’s services go beyond simply cleaning, draping, and embalming the body. They now include getting the body to the cemetery, putting it in a casket, and burying it. According to Tariku Wondimu, deputy chairperson of the Hibret Iddir Association in Wereda 6, Kirkos District, Iddirs are growing in value. He explained that the modern funeral planning companies were useful to them since they made the task that the Iddirs had historically done on their own simpler. For a variety of services, the funeral homes bill the Iddirs at specific prices.

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A 16 square meter, 24 square meter, or 72 square meter tent can cost 1,000 BR, 2,000 BR, or 4,000 BR to rent, respectively. They charge between 35 and 50 Br per person for catering. These days, video and photography services, which range in price from 3,000 to 5,000 Brazilian reals depending on the recording medium, are more popular.

The need for video has to do with the needs of friends and family of the deceased who live abroad and can’t come home for the funerals or who have to go back home and can’t stay for the whole time of mourning. They take the tapes home with them so they can watch them again while in grief with people who were unable to attend the burial.

Texts from holy and wise books are put in the subtitles of funeral recordings, and a dirge is added at the end. Funeral homes edit the videos and add background music and other movie-like elements.

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