The USA’s Much-Anticipated Ethiopian Orthodox Church Monastery

In Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, there is still a Greek Customary cloister called St. Anthony’s Greek Universal Religious community. In the middle of 1995, it was planned for the benefit of Holy Person Anthony the Incomparable. Arizona’s Florence, the closest city, is there. It is the residence of about 42 priests. Both Universal and non-Conventional visitors can use it. Visitors are welcomed daily from 10:30 AM to 4 PM, and explorers can arrange to stay at the cloister at tourist offices. Visitors are encouraged to dress in “humble and baggy” clothing and shoes.

After the fundamental plans for the religious community had been created, the finishing work continued, citrus and olive trees, a grape plantation, and other sanctuaries were constructed. According to custom, St. Anthony’s Cloister contains one main church for daily services and other smaller houses of prayer dedicated to various holy figures to honor their reverence as well as the greatness of God. Most of the shrines serve as sanctums for these holy people’s heavenly relics. They serve as places of recollection, supplicatory services, and secret prayer during the day for the devoted.

On the property of the religious community, there are a total of nine temples. There are prayer houses dedicated to Saint Nicholas, Saint George, Saint Demetrios, Saint Seraphim of Sarov, Saint Panteleimon, Saint Menas, the Nativity of Saint John the Harbinger, and the Sacred Prophet Elias in addition to the main church, which is dedicated to both Saint Anthony the Incomparable and Saint Nektarios (Elijah). Soon, a tenth church, dedicated to Holy Person Menas, will be completed. The holy people who are the focus of these sites are among those who Conventional Christians around the world hold in the highest regard. The religious community is actually a spring in the desert with its multiple sanctuaries and complicated network of nurseries and passageways.

Since its modest beginnings, St. Anthony’s has grown to become the largest community of Customary believers on the Western Side of the Equator. Both scheduled priests and the numerous explorers that travel from all over the world to receive extraterrestrial guidance and participate in the existence of the cloister are unaffected by the harsh summer conditions of the Sonora Desert.

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