At a memorial service, prominent singer Madingo Afework’s mother is there.

In this interview with OLAMIDE FAMUWAGUN, Bolani Michael, the mother of four boys who died in a fire at their home in Ikorodu, Lagos, on June 26, talks about the terrible events. My husband wasn’t home on Sunday, which I’ll never forget. As I went to church, the kids were at home doing the duties I had assigned to each of them.

When I got back in the evening, I told one of my lads to switch on the generator since we needed to use the washing machine. I went to bed early because I had a long day. When my husband arrived home at night, I prepared his meal, and when the city’s lights came back on, he switched off the generator. I fell back asleep, and he came into the room to join me and my daughter Esther.

The boys were in their rooms. Later, around midnight or one in the morning, Prayer, our first child, woke up my husband with her crying. He shouted, “Daddy fire! Daddy fire!” We both quickly got out of bed, and when my husband opened the door, there was a blazing fire all around. My four kids were still trapped inside, so we started calling for help.

My daughter and I were led outside by the neighbors as they began to break windows in the boys’ room to release them when they arrived. They found prayer, ebube, and trust in God, but were unable to find Jeremiah. When they were executed, three of them suffered severe burns.

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