Five best camera smartphones in 2022

best five cellphones. The top five smartphone cameras in 2022. Your phone is the camera you always have with you, claims PC MAG. You should be pleasantly pleased by how much phone camera performance has advanced, especially in terms of low-light image quality, if you haven’t replaced it in a few years. In fact, you can pretty much leave your old point-and-shoot at home at this point.

However, not all smartphone cameras are created equal. In order to identify the best cameras on the market, we rigorously tested every phone we reviewed. Here, you can see our top recommendations. If you have one of these in your pocket, you’ll never have to worry about carrying a separate camera, and each one also makes a fantastic smartphone. Continue reading for our top selections and a list of qualities to look for in a camera phone. The sensors, lenses, software updates, and Tensor processor algorithms in the Pixel 6 Pro keep Google firmly in the lead when it comes to smartphone cameras. Top features include Face Unblur, Real Tone, and Magic Eraser (to remove photobombers and capture accurate skin tones) and Face Unblur (to remove blur from faces in motion). The Pixel 6 Pro, which starts at $899, is Google’s most ambitious phone to date and a big step up from the Pixel 5 from the year before. The Pixel 5 has a great camera, good performance, and a lot of value for the money, but it was also a little bit monotonous. Google redoes everything with the Pixel 6 Pro.

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