Avoid these pitfalls to keep your man forever

To keep someone in love with you is quite different from simply falling in love with them. Relationships are wonderful and entertaining, but they need work and attention to maintain the flame. If you really care about a man, you probably want to keep him feeling the same way. This demonstrates to him that you are still on his mind. Drop a love note in his messenger bag, backpack, or lunchbox before he heads off to work. Get him flowers or a quality box of chocolates, even if there is no special occasion. Go all out and purchase him tickets to see his preferred band in concert. These gifts demonstrate your love and appreciation for him. Both are essential for keeping a man smitten with you. You may also astonish him by doing something kind for him. Make sure your shared apartment is spotless when he gets home from work. Get up early and make him a homemade breakfast. Try a new restaurant on your next date night. On an adventure, you visit a new location for the day. Instead of repeating old memories, try creating new ones. Your love will grow stronger and both of you will remember the initial reasons you fell in love with one another since it will make your relationship feel fresh and exciting once more. You two can even try to learn new skills together. Even if you’ve never run a marathon before, sign up for one with a friend. Your lives as a couple will get fresh experiences as a result.

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