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The best time to wash your face, as well as the effects of facial soap

Despite breaking every hygiene regulation, not washing my face in the morning has really kept my skin healthy. Three months ago, I definitely would have cringed at the thought of my night sweats and oils being on my face all day. You might be thinking, “This person is gross.” I’ll tell you why I don’t wash my face in the morning. I actually envy the 13-year-old version of myself who thought a pimple or two wouldn’t wreck the world because my skin has been steadily growing worse over the past year. Your face is covered in a variety of substances after a long day, including air pollution, sweat from physical activity, and product residue.
Without a thorough cleaning, all that dirt, grease, and other gunk can build up. This could cause skin to become red, irritable, break out, and age. Some people use bar soap religiously, while others don’t think of it as a facial cleaner. The reaction depends on the soap you use. However, most bar soaps aren’t made to be used to the face. As a result, your skin could become sensitive and dry. There are several bar soaps that could be gentler on skin that is more delicate. But before you buy a bar of soap, make sure it has been specifically created for use on your face. Bar soaps designed specifically for the face are offered by many skincare businesses. Look for unscented, hypoallergenic bar soaps that are packed with moisturizing nutrients.

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