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An amazing scene between artist Nigist and her mother

She surprised her mother with Ethiopian actress Nigist Fikre. It was a sensitive period. I knew it would be a joyful moment when my mother was surprised by a gift I gave her. She had always expressed a desire to attend, and I thought that by granting her wish, I would be able to demonstrate my love for her. After she arrived, we went out to supper and then had a lovely day at the beach. I was overjoyed to be able to shock her and cheer her up.

You could not have made a better present choice if your goal is to literally watch your love blossom over time. First, scratch a simple note like “Love you, Mom” on a stick and stick it in the ground of the garden. Drop some flower seeds next to the message, preferably ones that will germinate quickly, and cover them afterwards. The plant needs regular watering. If room is an issue, you could even accomplish this with a tiny potted plant on your balcony. Your message will bloom in a couple of days. Nothing could be cuter than the way your mother can see how much you adore her every day.

Invite your dad to help you with this one since planning a trip requires time and resources. Select a destination that has been on your mother’s bucket list for a while, and make your reservations early so that both of you can unwind on this getaway. Whatever she prefers, it might be a cultural or historical excursion. Enjoy your time alone together and take care of all the costs with the help of your dad or pocket money (it makes it all the more remarkable when it is yours). Additionally, take as many photos as you can and frame them for future reference. Make it extra special by including a note inside describing the highlight of the trip and the year.

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