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My love, where are you because I haven’t wed yet?

Interview with the young Ethiopian who claims to be one hundred years old. My love, where are you because I haven’t wed yet? Vision is what man has learned to do best. Vision offers one a sense of direction in life. Women gain safety and purpose from their visions. If you don’t know where you’re heading, you shouldn’t marry a woman because she entered your life to support you wherever you go. Although she came to aid you, aiding you is the issue. Male was first to be developed. Being first doesn’t make you better. God didn’t give women any lessons. She was born with males as her teachers.
Not sight, but rather vision, is the greatest gift that God has bestowed upon man. The biggest threat to vision is sight. While seeing is a function of the eye, seeing comes from the heart. Do not rely on your own eyes for eyesight. Observation reveals what is and what can be accomplished. Live in accordance with your observations, not always what you see. We walk by faith, not by sight, the Bible states. Your eyes and vision disagree. Inadequate vision might result in broken promises. Sound isn’t always accurate.
An obvious objective is a vision. A man who understands where he’s going doesn’t return home and spend five hours watching TV while sipping on beer. You become a whole man through vision. Your concept is really your vision. It makes you appear foolish to know whether a vision is from God or not. It is not from God if people initially believe what you say. Joe sped off. I told my dad. Did his brother claim that you were insane? It’s not God’s vision if they don’t think you’re crazy.

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