He didn’t pick up his phone for the following eight reasons

Keep reading even when sending an SMS seems so obvious. Either you don’t want to type because you’re too busy, or you prefer to call because you can hear the tone of his voice that way. All of these are valid arguments, but he might have some of his own as well. There are friends of mine who would rather read texts than talk to me. Calls, according to one of them, make her anxious, while calls, according to the other, prevent him from being creative. There can be many different ways to skin a cat. He certainly handled the matter terribly, even if his arguments are valid. Except in cases of emergencies, he might have told you in advance if he doesn’t like to phone, is going to a meeting, or plans to do anything else. Send him a text to double-check. At least you’ll know he’s not dead if it gets to him and he reads it but doesn’t reply. Putting jokes aside, he might have truly gone through a horrific situation; it might not have been harmful, but what if he was robbed and had his phone taken? Or is he perhaps ill? The key message is that it pays to be certain before passing judgment on something. If his home isn’t too far away and you’re in the same city as him, pay him a visit. This situation is advantageous to both parties regardless of your point of view. You can unwind and look your best at the same time (whatever you find). If he is fine and has been avoiding you on purpose, then you can be sure that he is merely being a jerk. He would like it if you checked on him, and your conscience would also let you relax, but if the opposite were to happen and something did happen, he would appreciate it if you did.

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