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You get the impression that someone likes you when they make a mistake.
Someone who takes pleasure in holding back their feelings for someone is typically the first to ask for forgiveness during a dispute. Recognize that this is not a sign of weakness but rather a safety measure to stop them from jeopardizing your bond. Additionally, they do not want to witness your sadness because it may induce them to experience the same emotions. We all experience envy at some point in our relationships. One symptom of someone attempting to conceal their feelings from you is jealousy. Then, you could wonder why someone who hasn’t confessed their love for you feels jealous when they see you with other men. Easy to do. They are flirting with you, but they are hesitant to date you because they want you to look like the person they are flirting with. To put it another way, they want to have their cake and drink it. One sign that someone is repressing their feelings for you is when they prefer not to express their emotions and keep quiet around you. They merely want to observe you and hear what you have to say as you conduct yourself. When they do speak, it’s to ask how you’re doing. They also grow nervous around you and forget what they were about to say because they are too preoccupied with thinking about you. Even if they usually have complete confidence in themselves, it drops to 5% when they see you. Psychological suppression of certain emotions includes the fear of rejection. People could try to suppress their feelings out of concern that you won’t accept their offer if they are open about their feelings. Even worse is when they don’t know whether you feel anything for them.

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