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Female performers Ruta, Amleset, Hanan, and Nigist perform a bridal dance

When someone is near you, observe their body language to see if they are trying to conceal anything from you. Do they feel comfortable and welcomed while they are with you? Maintaining composure is difficult for someone who hides their feelings. If someone’s gesture around you does not exude openness, ease, and tranquillity, that may be a sign that they are trying to hide their feelings for you. People who have comfortable body positions usually express their emotions more honestly and openly. If someone frequently expresses care for you, your pals call and text you, invite you out, and make an effort to listen to you, it is a sign that a relationship is showing some certainty and hiding thoughts from you. You may decide to disregard this sign. Remember to pay attention to how others behave around you and while you are around. Making regular eye contact with you is one sign that someone is attempting to conceal their feelings from you. When you speak for a long time, do they fix their eyes firmly on yours? If the answer is yes, the individual might actually be interested in you even if they’re trying to hide it. Making eye contact with someone can help your relationship with them. It suggests that I value and am interested in you. As a result, if someone appears to be admiringly gazing at you, they are likely attempting to conceal their feelings for you. You can psychologically assess whether someone likes you by seeing how they accommodate your demands. They are accessible when required even though they are attempting to conceal their affection for someone. People who are hiding their emotions should be more honest about their intentions and believe that being available will make them happy. They are among the first to arrive at your event, they assist you, and they see to it that everything goes according to plan.

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