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I routinely get questions about online dating profiles from both men and women, one of which is “Is it okay to lie about my age on my dating profile?” I hear it from both sexes, from those in their 30s to those in their 60s. There are many reasons why someone would feel inclined to drop a few years off of their age, but I am adamant that you shouldn’t. I’ve actually turned off helping folks with their dating profiles and photos due to this allegedly unimportant aspect. Despite the fact that lying about one’s age is one of the most common lies on dating profiles, my goal when it comes to online dating photos is to present natural, candid, honest representations of people (which is why I don’t use photoshop or take strange angles), as well as to improve the dating pool and experience for everyone. If people lie about their ages, I won’t be able to do this. These small lies are occasionally categorized as catfishing, or kitten fishing as it is known in the online dating world. Many people consider lying about age to be a deal-breaker and view it as a warning indicator. In terms of dating, I really believe in telling the truth. I’m aware that many people embellish or lie in their dating profiles—slimming photo angles, attractive clothing choices, vintage photos, filters, hat fishing, etc.—and while these could err on the side of truth, in my opinion they are all lies. Age is no different. I think lying about one’s age, which seems so simple and harmless, is a sign of insecurity. What other information on your profile are you lying about if you are lying about your age? Here are a few more warning signs.

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