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At Melat Nebiyu’s wedding, Rahel Getu performed a dance.

Friends can provide comfort and entertainment. The connections you make through relationships, places, or activities can be good for your mental and physical health. The reciprocity of friendship is its advantageous quality. Giving and receiving support from friends can both be advantageous for your mental well-being. Knowing that a friend will listen to your problems and accept you for who you are might make you feel stronger and more grounded. Thinking about, discussing, and sharing your experiences and feelings with a buddy might help you get through your problems. Sharing your thoughts with a friend when you’re sitting next to them can be a huge relief. It’s possible to spend time with friends while eating properly, going on walks, conversing, watching movies, and doing other activities you generally enjoy. Spending time with friends only demonstrates your concern for them and provides you with knowledge of their challenges. You may like to have just one or two close pals, or you may appreciate having many friends. Due to the fact that everyone is unique, finding what works for you may take some time. Friendships are dynamic; with time, you may become closer or more distant from one another. The difficult part is that, when dealing with mental health concerns, it can oftentimes feel more difficult to make new acquaintances and keep up with old ones. If you feel comfortable, you might talk to others about your problems and vulnerability. Offering a small portion of yourself can encourage transparency and provide the other person the freedom, to be honest with you. As a result, when things are tough for either of you, you may support one another.

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